Blade Runner – 2019 Edition

Label : Unknown
Type : Private Release
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Tracklist :

01. Main Titles/Prologue/Los Angeles November 2019
02. Leon’s Interrogation
03. Blimpvert (“Chidori No Kyoku”) [film edit – this was apparently a recording of Japanese musicians supervised by Vangelis at Nemo Studios] 04. Flight to Bryant’s Office
05. The Blue Room
06. Flight to Tyrell Corporation (“Los Angeles 2019” played back a semitone higher in pitch)
07. Deckard Meets Rachael
08. Rachael’s Voight-Kampff Test
09. She’s a Replicant
10. Memories (Tales of the Future I)
11. Leon’s Room (Tales of the Future II)
12. Bicycle Riders (film edit)
13. Chew’s Eye Lab (film edit)
14. Memories of Green
15. Pris’ Song (Blade Runner Blues edit)
16. Pris Meets JF Sebastian (with Ogi No Mato)
17. Deckard’s Dream (film edit)
18. Esper Analysis
19. Snake Scales (Tales of the Future III)
20. Animoid Row (The Market)
21. Taffey’s Snake Pit Bar
22. Salome’s Dance
23. Confronting Zhora (Tales of the Future IV)
24. Zhora’s Retirement (Blade Runner Blues edit)

01. One More Kiss, Dear
02. I Am The Business
03. Would You Come After Me? / Love Theme (with piano overlays)
04. Dawn (Ogi No Mato [excerpt])
05. Morning at the Bradbury
06. What Generation Are You?
07. Will You Help Us?
08. Elevator to Tyrell’s Bedroom/Queen to Bishop 6
09. I Want More Life/The Prodigal Son Brings Death
10. Deckard Enters The Bradbury (with overlay of “Hito-me”- Japanese Traditional Music, actual title unknown)
11. Pris Attacks (Dangerous Days – film edit)
12. Roy Enters the Bradbury
13. Roy Finds Pris/Show Me What You’re Made Of
14. Batty and Deckard (Ogi No Mato [excerpt])
15. That’s the Spirit
16. Where Are You Going? (Dangerous Days/Wounded Animals [edited and cross-faded excerpts]) with “Hito-me”
17. The Roof
18. Batty Saves Deckard (Wounded Animals [excerpt])
19. Tears In Rain
20. Rachael Sleeps [film edit] 21. End Titles (Final Cut edit)

Disc 3 BONUS
1. Ladd Company Fanfare
2. Main Titles and Prologue (Workprint)
3. Los Angeles November 2019 (alternate edit)
4. Sushi Bar background mix (includes Chidori No Kyoku, If I Didn’t Care and part of at least one piece of unidentified music partly performed by Vangelis)
5. Flight to Bryant’s Office (Workprint – more at start and end)
6. Deckard Meets Rachael (clean start)
7. Rachael’s Voight-Kampff Test [Dr Tyrell’s Owl] (alternate mix – full length version)
8. Tales of the Future (complete)
9. Gail Laughton – Pompeii 76 AD (full length version) – declicked vinyl)
10. Mr Chew’s Laboratory [At Mr Chew’s] (full length version)
11. Memories of Green (full length version)
12. Blade Runner Blues (full length version)
13. Ensemble Nipponia – Ogi No Mato (full length version)
14. Deckard Alone With Photos (Workprint) has a tiny bit of dialogue at the start
15. Thinking of Rachael (Theatrical Cut)
16. Deckard‘s Dream (aka “Mirage” – longer edit/alt mix)

Disc 4 BONUS
1. Brian Eno & David Byrne – Qu’ran (Workprint)
2. The Ink Spots – If I Didn’t Care (Workprint)
3. Would You Come After Me?/I Dreamt Music (Workprint)
4. Love Theme (clean start without piano – the standard version)
5. The Prodigal Son Brings Death (longer edit)
6. Rachael’s Song (Vangelis engineer Raine Hilson has said that this track was originally composed for the scene where Roy finds Pris; it has nothing to do with Rachael)
7. “Hito-me” – Japanese Traditional Music (title unknown)
8. Wounded Animals [Deckard and Roy’s Duel] (full length version)
9. Rachael Sleeps [Unveiled Twinkling Space] (full length version)
10. End Titles (full length version)
11. Would You Come After Me? (full length version)
12. I Dreamt Music (piano only – Workprint)
13. I Dreamt Music [Desolation Path] (Workprint – full length version)

All music composed, arranged, orchestrated and played by Vangelis

From the maker :

So as not to get lost in the BR soundtrack threads, I’ve made a dedicated thread for this. Worked on over a three year period, this is my reconstruction of the Blade Runner score as it was used in the Final Cut, without dialogue or sound effects. At the end of 2017 I released a beta version of this project, titled the 35th Anniversary Edition. After more work to improve the edits, I present to you the final version, the 2019 Edition. This is every cue as heard in the movie, essentially an isolated score version of the film, including a number of cues that have been unavailable in complete or correct form.

I could not have accomplished this without generous help from DC and Calidoran, both of whom provided me with the raw material for much of this work. Especially useful were the surround channels from half a dozen international blu-ray releases of the film, from which I was able to extract music that hasn’t been available previously. DC also graciously offered to master the audio, to give it a little extra polish.

I also want to express my gratitude to everyone who made compilations of this music before me. Your work provided me with a guide, without which I would have been lost.

I started on this project out of curiosity and it slowly became an obsession, and along the way I believe I have corrected several errors featured on previous bootlegs. The cue typically referred to as “Roy Enters the Bradbury,” for instance, actually corresponds to the scene “Show Me What You’re Made Of.” The actual cue for “Roy Enters The Bradbury” is a reprise of “Pris Meets JF Sebastian” without the overlay of Ogi No Mato. The Japanese tracks, thanks to DC, are now correctly identified, and I’ve placed them where they appear in the film.

As a bonus, I’ve compiled two discs of full length, alternate and unused tracks, and there’s a pdf of notes on the tracks where clarification is needed.

Thanks to everyone for your patience. I know some of you have been waiting a long time for this project. I hope you enjoy it.


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