Blade Runner – 20th Anniversary Edition

Label : Off World Music
Type : Private Release
Support : CDR with Sticker
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Tracklist :

Disc One
Ladd Company Logo 0:27
Main Titles and Prologue4:04
Los Angeles November 2019 1:52
Deckard Meets Rachael 1:35
Blush Response 4:13
Bicycle Riders 2:15
Memories Of Green 5:45
Blade Runner Blues 10:24
Wait For Me 5:34
Deckard’s Dream 1:17
On The Trail Of Nexus 6 5:35
One More Kiss Dear 4:06
Love Theme 5:00

Disc Two
Rachaelïs Song 4:54
The Prodical Son Brings Death 3:37
Blimpriest 2:52
Tales Of The Future 4:52
Dangerous Days 1:07
Damask Rose 2:38
Wounded Animals 11:03
Tears In Rain 2:46
End Titles7:29
If I Didn’t Care 3:08
Trailer And Alternate Main Title 1:42
End Titles (Alternate Version) 4:34

Original Music Composed and Performed by Vangelis
Limited edition release and is not licensed for public sale.


“With all the numerous amount of Blade Runner bootlegs that have beencoming out over the years‚ one has to be rather demanding when rating anew one. All of these releases strive to be unique in some way‚ butwith so many BR bootlegs out there‚ one starts to realize that they area series of mutual rip-offs. This release is basically made up of theoriginal OWM release combined with the official Warner version. That’s it really. The only “goodie” we get here is the trailer ontrack 11 of disk 2. This release doesn’t take anything from the DeckMusic or Memoires (ie‚ more incidental-extended music as well as soundeffects). To me‚ the exclusion of the Animoid Row music‚ Taffy Lewisbar music‚ etc‚ is shocking. It’s precisely because of theseexclusions that I feel this release is bland.

If there was one bootleg out there to supplement the official version‚I would have to say that its the “Deck Music” (AKA Memoires 7) release.It’s excellent. But if you’re looking for a disk like this one‚ gofor the more rare OWM 2000 Definitive Version‚ which is a goodcombination of virtually every Blade Runner music source out there. Good effort OWM‚ but no prize” (Sebastian)


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