Blade Runner – LMS Edition 2001 (remastered 2010)

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Type : Private Release
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Tracklist :

01. Ladd Company Logo (0.27)
02. Main Titles and Prologue (4.02)
03. Los Angeles, November 2019 (1.51)
04. Deckard Meets Rachael (1.34)
05. Bicycle Riders (Harps of The Ancient Temples) (2.21)
06. Memories of Green (5.44)
07. Blade Runner Blues (10.23)
08. Deckard’s Dream (1.16)
09. On The Trail of Nexus 6 (5.32)
10. If I Didn’t Care (Workprint Only) (3.09)
11. Love Theme (5.05)
12. The Prodigal Son Brings Death (3.40)
13. Dangerous Days (1.06)
14. Japanese Woman’s Blimp Song (2.51)
15. Wounded Animals (11.04)
16. Tears in Rain (2.47)
17. End Titles (7.29)
18. One More Kiss, Dear (4.06)
19. Alternate Main Titles (1.54)
20. Trailer and Alternate Main Titles (1.45)

All titles composed, arranged and produced by Vangelis except “One More Kiss, Dear” by Vangelis & Peter Skellern, “Ladd Company Logo” by John Williams, “Bicycle Riders” by Gail Laughton, “If I Didn’t Care” by The Ink Spots & Jack Lawrence, “Blimp Song” by Ensemble Nipponia, “Alternate Main Titles” by The New American Orchestra, “Trailer & Alternate Main Titles” by Robert Randles.

Notes :

This is an attempt to a remastered version of cues originally available only on tape and moderately circulating on cd in a semi-official form (formerly collected for a fan-made edition). Contains previously available material in an improved and enhanced form (including what was left of the unavoidable tape hiss after the denoising stage minus a couple of annoying clicks). This is not a special limited edition release and is not licenced for public sale. The original version was an unofficial release and was intented for public sale. This should remain a private release of unreleased material purely for archival purposes and should not be intended in any way for other purposes.


Not so long ago while wandering through the world wide web we stumbled onto this collected edition on Soulseek.

A story cannot be told on this occasion, it is not to us yet told (if it’ll be ever to anyone for what it matters), so we will be making it up if you please.

Let’s the story begin.

Once upon a time a young peer who’s name is not given us to know came up with the idea of compiling most (if not all) of the cues off the now stuff of legend Off-World release (or perhaps his twin Gongo edition) for a very personal version of his favourite soundtrack.

One might guess the cues stumbled one following the other on his machine from a different number of people known to many as peerates, (some goes as far as calling also thieves and the likes), so the sources came to be also in various different (and quite low we have to add) bitrates (a word related to machine wizardy if you want to know) since that was the quality the people whom he took it from were also having (as some other people before them were sharing), but that story does not need to be repeated here.

We are left with what we share eventually.

The best things in life are free is seldom told, and the young peer had to be content with what he was given, happiness it is called from many peerates of the world wide web who have less than others have, and double of what they truly might ever need.

Suddently as light came the inspiration to make it even a more appealing masterpiece of a sort and an edit of a track by the infamous New American Orchestra rendition was added, so that the happy peer could start sharing the now completed work via his favorite client where it is still to be found if needed.

I trust it will still be shared as we got it for long, before a confusing new version with the very same tracklist will surface there as well, but somehow the version we will be adding to the confusion had to be restored from the originals it was taken from, ending up in sounding quite an improved and enhanced version of the supposed Off-World edition, (or Gongo someone else might reckon).

At least we would like to think that if it will please you quite enough. Then we might even proud ourselves that a remastered cut (as some men with hats might have already done… and perhaps even better than our attempt at it) is finally available for the happiness of all the uncommon folks and peerates alike.

All’s well that ends well it is often told, and this ended up not too bad for the young peer’s work perhaps, at least we like to think him (or her) young from the harmless errors the youngest are more willing to rush into.

We solely attempted to glue something that was intentionally done meaning no harm to anybody.

Perhaps the young peer was turned into a questionable greedy collector (we do not wish so to anyone at all), perhaps he is still giving back what he has got and we thank him very much if this is being the case.

So everything turned out right in the end, and all lived happily ever after!

We’d like to point out that any reference to people, places or really happened facts is absolutely accidental and almost unintentional (as the evidence of guilt might prove even stronger some peerates around might assume…), but that’s all of it.

“… if only that peer could see what we’ve seen with his eyes.”

And that’s quite intentional if he’ll ever forgive us


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