Blade Runner – Reflections

Label : Voight-Kampff Production
Type : Private Release
Support : CDR with Sticker
Limited to : 25 copies
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Tracklist :

Part One : Opening (Tales Of The City)

Creation Du Monde (4:46)
Dawn (4:12)
Freefall (2:07)
100 Metres (1:44)
Movement 1 (9:06)
Spiral (6:42)
Intergalactic Radio Station (7:39)
Fiery The Angels Fell (2:54)

Part Two : Damask Rose (Tales Of The Future)

The City (1:09)
My Face In The Rain (4:15)
Ritual (2:28)
We Were All Uprooted (3:22)
Twilight (4:52)
Mare Tranquillitatis (1:36)
Procession (9:02)
Albedo 0.39 (4:15)

Part Three : Deckard (Tales Of The Blade Runner)

Le Singe Bleu (7:35)
Himalaya (5:09)
La Mort Du Loup (2:54)
Reve (6:17)
Abraham’s Theme (3:04)
La Mer Recommencee (5:42)

Part Four : Rachel (Tales Of The Heart)

P.S. (2:07)
Antarctic Echoes (5:44)
Prelude (4:16)
Song Of White (4:52)
Rachel’s Song (Vassilis Saleas) (4:28)
Memory Of Antarctica (5:17)
Prelude (Vassilis Saleas) (4:16)
Other Side Of Antarctica (6:34)
Love Theme (Vassilis Saleas) (7:07)

Original Music Composed and Performed by Vangelis

Track selection by Johann Voight
Edited and remixed by Lurie Kampff

Note from the Voight-Kampff Team :

“Although many reviewers have often mentioned that if people like what Vangelis did on Blade Runner then they should go check out such-and-such a track/album he did before/after Blade Runner which ‘reflects’ on the work he did for Ridley Scott’s movie.

However, I came to realise that no one had ever put together a compilation of these tracks, so in the spring of 2006 myself and two other fellow Blade Runner fans got together to do just that. One of us did the front cover – as well as tracking down the ‘Esper’ font! – another did the actual track editing and mixing in order to blend all the tracks together into a continuous suite, and I myself did the disc and back cover artwork, as well as selecting the actual tracks and their running order. A limited edition of 25 copies of the compilation was released in August 2006 to members of the yahoo group bladerunner_soundtrack.

It was my aim to take the listener on a journey through a multicultural city of the future, and the track selection was chosen to achieve this end as opposed to sounding ‘bladerunner-esque’ per se. No doubt some of the selects will strike some fans as being curious choices, but they were designed to be heard within the context of the compilation and not on their own

Ultimately it was my wish to encourage Blade Runner fans to seek out and discover the vast range of other Vangelis music that is available.

Johann Voight,
on behalf of the Voight-Kampff Team”


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