Memoires vol 12 – Blade Runner Radio Special

Label : 2001 FIC
Type : Private Release
Support : Silk-Screen CDR
Limited : 20/30
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Tracklist :

tracks 1 – 6 : Blade Runner Radio Special

“If you‹re persuing this disc in order to hear Vangelis music‚ you willbe sorely dissapointed. This disc is tailor made for die-hard BladeRunner fans‚ and not necessarily Vangelis fans. It contains a radiospecial about Blade Runner and the evolution of detective in fiction. The program itself is cheezy in its narration and doesn‹t spend as muchtime as it should talking about Blade Runner itself. On the otherhand‚ it does contain some very interesting impressions of the film byway of Harrison Ford and Sean Young. Vangelis himself also shares someimpressions regarding his score‚ but the segment is entirely too brief.Vangelis music is heard in the background throughout most of the disc‚but there‹s nothing we haven‹t heard before. There are some pop songsplaced here and there as well. In general‚ a very contrived programthat will only tickle the fancy of Blade Runner fanatics.” (Sebastian)


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