Blade Runner – 2001 Version

Label : Private 2001
Type : Private Release
Support : Silk-Screen CDR
Limited to : less than 5 copies
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Tracklist :

Disc One
Add Company Logo 0:31
Main Titles 4:07
Purge 1:45
Deckard Meets Rachel 1:41
Blush Response 4:17
Bycicle Riders 2:11
Memories Of Green 5:56
Blade Runner Blues 10:14
Memories Of Green / Blade Runner Blues / Film version4:56
Wait For Rachel 5:35
Unicorn Memories 1:23
One More Kiss Dear (Radio edit) 4:03
Love Theme 4:59

Disc Two
Rachel’s Song 4:54
Dangerous Days 1:13
Tales Of The Future 4:54
Prodical Son Brings Death 3:32
Damask Rose 2:40
Wounded Animals 11:10
Tears In Rain 2:53
End Titles 7:31
End Titles Remix 4:38
Tears In Rain (alternate version) 3:04
Advert 2:54
If I Didn’t Care (Radio edit) 3:10
Trailor 1:39

Original Music Composed and Performed by Vangelis
Limited edition release and is not licensed for public sale.


“This double CD release is nearly identical to the more-recent Off-Word”20th Anniversary Blade Runner Limited Edition” double cd issue thatcame out this year. It’s not hard to figure out‚ then‚ who’s rippingoff who. This release takes from essentially two sources: the Gongoand Warner releases. The major difference between this and the aforementioned release‚ is cleaner editing. This 2001 issue also has atrack that mixes “Memories of Green” and “Blade Runner Blues” with thesame timing as in the film‚ but without all the background effects. Most interesting to this release however are the effects put on theretro tunes‚ “If I Didn’t Care” and “One More Kiss‚ Dear” that play asif being heard through an old phonograph. Original and nicely done.

This release is all about musical purity. However‚ it’s also itsdownside. It includes no incidental music as heard on the Deck Musicand Deck Art releases. This‚ in my mind‚ makes it an incomplete BladeRunner release. Despite many of its charms‚ if I had to recommend one‚AND ONLY ONE‚ Blade Runner release out there‚ (bootleg or otherwise) itwould have to be the OWM 2000 double cd version‚ which takes from ALLBlade Runner sources.” (Sebastian)



“This is one of the best BR albums‚ and probably the best so far. The reasonfor that is the overall great sound quality of all the themes‚ herepresented in their longer versions. Due to the great quality of the musicitself‚ that’s enough to rank this album quite high. So I’ll point the maindrawbacks. One is the inclusion of some themes (And it’s not a defect ofthis release‚ but of the most of them) that I think are senseless. Is itreally necessary to include the “Ladd Company Logo” each time? Why? And thesame goes for the Trailer‚ the Japanese Woman’s Song and the reprises ofsome themes like the “End Titles” or the “Blade Runner Blues”.. Is itnecessary that each release include every single thing ever included in therest of the releases? I think that some critera is missing here‚ and thisrelease is not an exception. And by the way‚ I miss some music likeDeckard’s entrance in the Bradbury or the prelude to the “Love Theme”. Insum‚ a very good Blade Runner album‚ but it doesn’t satisfy me completely.” (Jaime)


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