Blade Runner – Tapes version

Label : 1982‚ No company or catalog number
Type : Private Release
Support : Tape
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Tracklist :

Los Angeles‚ November 2019 (1:46)
Leon’s Interrogation (1:12)
Lift-Off (1:10)
Deckard Meets Rachael (1:29)
One More Kiss Dear (4:00)
Bladerunner Blues (10:19)
Love Theme (4:57)
The Prodigal Son Brings Death (3:55)
Tales Of The Future (4:46)
Dangerous Days (1:02)
Wounded Animals (10:58)
Tears In Rain (2:41)
Endtitles (7:24)

Original music composed and performed by VANGELIS

Circulated through LA’s filmcommunity in early june 1982‚ mere weeks before the films release.It was immidiately a hot property as rumors persisted that Vangelis score would never be released.
It’s a 60 minute audio tape housed in a clear plastic case. Affixed to this tapes A side is a simple white label with the words Bladerunner.
Although “listenable” ‚ overall‚ sound quality was submar‚ marred by hiss‚ harsh treble and frequent bass distortion.

The original master tape contains only 10 tracks ; this version also contains cues from the OWM bootleg release


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