Francesco – Complete Edition

Label : Andromeda Music AM0103(B)
Type : Private Release
Support : Black CD
Limited to 20 copies


Tracklist :

Main Titles (2’00)
Assisi 1226 (1’12)
The Beginnings Of Francesco (2’43)
Leaving All (0’53)
Winds Of Death (1’13)
A Message Of Justice (2’30)
Chiara’s Charity (1’28)
The Advenimient Of A Vocation (7’45)
The Embraced Of A Different Life (1’00)
The Life Of A Beggar (1’47)
Tears For A Little Soul (3’29)
Flute Of Hope (1’09)
Silence Of The Night (0’46)
Blessed Be The Lord (2’15)
Take The Cross And Follow Me (0’44)
Sharing With The Poorest (2’09)
The Meaning Of Fraternity (1’25)
The Gift Of God (2’38)
Another Son Of Charity (1’19)
Tears For A Little Soul (part II) (2’52)

Chiara‚ Pilgrim Of The World (4’30)
Prosecution To The New Faith (1’55)
A Vow To God (1’31)
Following The Footprints Of Christ (2’51)
“Novae Gratie Verbum” (3’38)
Peace Is Everything (2’38)
Blessed Are The Poors And Lepers (2’58)
Bells Of Assisi (2’38)
Pray For Us (3’01)
The Rain Of Leper (1’13)
The True Is In The Gospel (2’22)
The Wind Of Eternity (4’13)
A Soul Walking To Heaven (2’34)
“Deus Mihi Dixit” (4’55)
The Doors Of Heaven (1’15)
End Titles (7’29)

Original Music Composed and Performed by Vangelis

Limited edition release and is not licensed for public sale. Copyright Andromeda Music Ltd.

This version contains minor Fx but no dialog and sometimes a little glitch CD1 track 3 at 0’15/0’16

Andromeda has re-released a limited edition of this one (20 copies) under the code AM0103B


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