Memoires vol 4 – Bitter Moon + Blade Runner

Label : 1997 FIC
Type : Private Release
Support : CDR with Sticker
Limited : 20/30
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Tracklist :

1-13 Bitter Moon Suite (42:03)
14-20 Blade Runner Suite (26:19)

Music composed by the Great VANGELIS.

Digitally mastered at Nd. Studio – April 1997. Copyright FIC. Ltd‚ all rights reserved.This is a special limited edition release and is not licenced for public sale.

This collection was created in order to preserve Vangelis’ work.

“Bitter Moon is a beautiful score‚ and most of the music can be listenedto perfectly without the images and enjoyed completely. Some of the themesare really beautiful. For example‚ the main theme‚ repeated with variationsthrough parts 1‚ 4 and 10‚ the accordion theme you can hear on part 3 (Thatsomehow makes me think of Paris) and the romantic and inspired part 13 (Endcredits?). Some of the music‚ however‚ sounds more incidental‚ but standsvery well on its own too. Part 12 starts with an dance-arab-like song andthen continues with a techno rythm pattern (Is that realy Vangelis?).There’s also a jazz song on part 2 (I’ll ask again: Vangelis?) and somejazzy and dark passages. Since I haven’t seen the movie I don’t know if themusic is well ordered or not. Sound FX from the movie can be heard alltrough the suite‚ and sometines become annoying. Even sometimes the FX andthe music grow suddenly giving you a start. Despite this little defects‚sound quality is very good and the music in quite enjoyable.

The Blade Runner suite could be interesting in its moment but now‚ withall that Blade Runner releases out there has become a bit obsolete‚ butharmless anyway. (Jaime)”




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