The Thread

Label : Andromeda Music AMD2004
Type : Private Release
Support : Black CD + DVD
Limited to 25 copies
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Audio CD
– 15 tracks
– Full *true* stereo
– No compression
– No noise
– Much less saturation than the YT version

– Audio on Dolby 5.1

The Thread is an innovative modern dance performance that changes the rules of movement in the contemporary dance.
A high standards production that charmed both public and critics at Sadler’s Wells London, and the famous Ancient Greek Amphitheater of Epidaurus.

“This project is like an excavation both into the past and into the future.”

The Thread is the fascination for the evolution of Movement through tradition and art.
Throughout the ages traditional dances were mixed with contemporary movement.
As we go back in time, we see dance. In modern times we see movement. So we ravel and unravel these evolutions through dance, movement and light.

It is not the love of Greece as a place or a country.

It just so happens that Greece, from antiquity until the present day has been a platform for the multiple expressions of the body.

The concept of the Thread can be found in many cultures: from the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur in ancient Greek Mythology to the Red Thread of Fate in Asian philosophy.

The Thread is the line that runs through time, connecting our present to the past.

The Thread is the common cultural elements that connect different regions, despite the distance between them or their differences.

The Thread represents the fundamental human values that we all share, no matter our religion, our ethnicity or beliefs. It is a notion which is both personal, timely and relatable, and at the same time universal and timeless.

Remastered and Remixed by Andromeda Music
This is a special limited edition release and is not licenced for public sale
Copyright 03-2020 Andromeda Music Ltd. All rights reserved


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