Label : Andromeda Music AM0721
Type : Private Release
Support : Black CD
Limited to 25 copies


01. Honalulu Baby (Denny Beckermann)
02. You Are the One (Mariangela)
03. Let Me Find a Pathway (Stamátis Spanoudákis)
04. Memories of Friends (Mariangela)
05. My Dear Life (Mariangela)
06. What You’re Doing to Me (Georgia Spiropoulos)
07. Little Girl It’s Time to Be a Woman (Denny Beckermann)
08. Rainbow (Denny Beckermann)
09. This Is My World (Denny Beckermann)
10. Shoo Be Doo (J. Zagraphos / C. Hazel)
11. Alone With the Day (Mariangela)
Bonus Tracks
12. Honalulu Baby (instrumental version)
13. You Are the One (instrumental version)
14. Let Me Find a Pathway (instrumental version)
15. Memories of Friends (instrumental version)
16. My Dear Life (instrumental version)
17. What You’re Doing to Me (instrumental version)
18. Little Girl It’s Time to Be a Woman (instrumental version)
19. Rainbow (instrumental version)
20. This Is My World (instrumental version)
21. Shoo Be Doo (instrumental version)
22. Alone With the Day (instrumental version)

Mastered and Mixed by Andromeda Music
This is a special limited edition release and is not licenced for public sale
Copyright 07-2021 Andromeda Music Ltd. All rights reserved


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