Blade Runner – Gongo version

Label : 1995 Gongo Music
Type : Bootleg
Support : Manufactured CD
Limited to : 3000 copies
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Tracklist :

Tema de Semnatura a Companiei Ladd (0:25)
Titlurile si Prologurile Principale (3:58)
Los Angeles‚ Noiembrie‚ 2019 (1:46)
Intilnirea Lui Deckard Cu Rachel(1:28)
Ciclisti (2:12)
Amintirile Verdelui (5:40)
Tristetile Lui Blade Runner (10:20)
Visul Lui Deckard (1:13)
La Procesul Lui Nexus 6 (5:28)
Inca un Sarut‚ Draga (4:02)
Tema Iubirii (4:59)
Fiul Multiubit Aduce Moartea (3:34)
Blimpvert (2:52)
Zile Periculoase (1:03)
Animale Ranite (10:59)
Lacrimi In Ploaie(2:43)
Titlurile de Sfirsit(7:26)

Muzica compusa‚ aranjata‚ cintata si produsa de VANGELIS.
Copyright 1995 Gongo Music‚ Ltd. “Blade Runner” este marca inregistratadetinuta de Parteneriatul Blade Runner. Arta grafica si fotografica cudrepturi de copiere copyright 1982 Compania Ladd. Toate drepturile deproducator si de productie sint rezervate. Copiera neautorizata‚inchirierea‚ auditia publica si distribuirea sint interzise. Produs inRomania.

“When first hearing the initial thundering booms of the Opening Titles of this release‚ I thought with joy: “Finally‚ a comprehensive Blade Runner soundtrack!” The exclusion of this theme and many others on the official Warner release of 1994‚ was both inexplicable and irritating for all of us. I am not‚ however‚ one to attack the official Warner release since it gave us four truly beautiful new or unreleased themes in pristine sound quality. On “Gongo‚” there are some true moments of bliss. “Deckard meets Rachael‚” “Deckard?s Dream” “Wounded Animals” are some themes not included on the official release that are quite prominent in the film and very beautiful. (I will not dwell on the virtues of the music itself‚ since everyone reading this review knows the music very well). There are slightly longer versions of “Blade Runner Blues” and “Closing Titles” on this release‚ but the difference between the two versions(Gongo vs. Warner) is hardly noticeable. On the downside‚ the sound isn?t perfect and certainly nowhere near the quality of the Warner release‚ but nonetheless‚ rather good. It?s certainly better than that of “The Bounty” OWM release. In any case‚ this release should be supplemented by the official version‚ only if for the sake of musical completeness. For those fans/collectors who dislike the dialog and exclusions in the Warner release and the sound effects in the “Memoires 5” and “Deck Music” releases‚ then “Gongo” is the Blade Runner soundtrack of choice.” (Sebastian)


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