Blade Runner – The Sentient Mix

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Tracklist :

01. [00:00] Main Titles (1994 Version) (sourced from CD #4-15)
02. [03:40] Leon’s Interrogation (from #4-16)
03. [04:56] Sounds Of A November Night (from #1-05)
04. [06:53] Launch Approval (from #1-11)
05. [08:40] Spinner Ascent (Workprint Version) (from #4-03)
06. [10:04] Perfume ExÛtico (ft. Edward James Olmos) … (from #1-23)
07. [14:42] Deckard Meets Rachael (from #1-15)
08. [15:50] Spotkanie Z Matka (feat. Roman Polanski) (from #2-20)
09. [20:48] Memories Of Green (from #1-24)
10. [25:53] Sweet Solitude (feat. Dimitris Tsakas) (from #2-03)
11. [32:39] Vadavarot (from #2-12)
12. [36:46] Wait For Me (feat. Sean Young) (from #2-21)
13. [41:46] Blade Runner Blues – Zhora’s Retirement (from #2-18)
14. [43:38] Desolation Path (from #4-09)
15. [49:15] Fading Away (from #4-17)
16. [51:46] Bradbury Apartments (Demo Version) (edit) (from #3-12)
17. [52:27] Tears In Rain (1994 Version) (from #4-24)
18. [55:15] Keep Asking (from #3-20)

This is a 57 minute, single track continuous mix of selections taken solely from “Blade Runner (29th Anniversary Limited Edition)” released in 2011 by DC Music/Pendor.

The Background

Like many a Vangelis fan I was completely captivated when I first saw Blade Runner back in 1982. The soundtrack literally ‘blew me away’ and I still recall making an audio cassette recording when the first VHS copy was released. Thus began my fascination with the music from Blade Runner.

Over the years the gradual release of further edits and additional music from the film has been nothing short of spectacular, a particular favourite of mine being BR25 – the third disc from the official ‘Blade Runner Trilogy 25th Anniversary Edition’ released in 2007.

For some time now I have wanted to create an ambient mix of the music to try to capture the ebb and flow, the mood and emotion of this modern classic. Whilst I was recently listening to the 29th Anniversary Edition I realised that I finally had sufficient hi-quality source material to fulfil my dream.

This compilation was assembled, sorted, edited and mixed on one glorious Friday afternoon. My key focus was to select musical sequences that linked well together and kept the overall flow of the movie, even though some of the themes might end up being a little out of chronological order. It became clear from the start that this was going to be much more than just an ‘ambient mix’ as the musical themes almost seemed to suggest an order for themselves. Over just a few hours ‘The Sentient Mix’ was not only incepted but evolved into one continuous, thought-provoking mix of music.

The end result? Well, I find it to be thoughtful, uplifting and somewhat moving as the musical themes evoke the imagery of the film. The futuristic soundscape moves seamlessly from the busy Los Angeles Streets, to Deckard’s meeting with Rachael, through Zhora’s (sad) retirement to Roy’s enigmatic rooftop monologue. With ‘The Sentient Mix’ I have tried to create a subtlely different dimension to the music so that there is something new for Blade Runner fans old and new alike – I hope you like it as much as I do.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone involved in the ’29th Anniversary Limited Edition’ and all the contributors to the various FFShrine Vangelis & Blade Runner threads. Thank you all for your inspiration.

Relayerx9 Autumn 2014

Associated Artwork

All of the artwork used was sourced from DeviantArt apart from the Syd Mead original Blade Runner concept art.

a) “The Blue City” by JonathanP45 (used for the Back artwork)
b) “Blade Runner Concept Art” by Syd Mead (used for the Inside artwork)
c) “Cyberpunk City” by One Step Art (used for the Front Cover artwork)
d) “Pris Stratton” by Spoony Bardess (used for the Inside Front Cover artwork)
e) “Blade Runner Towers” by unknown (used for the CD artwork)
f) “Tyrell Corp.” by Yogfingers (used for the Inlay artwork)

My sincere gratitude also goes to all of these artists for their inspirational work which helped me immensely in the visualisation and realisation of this project.

Syd Mead’s offical website is at


This is a private release and is not licenced for public sale. All rights of the producer and of the owner of the work reproduced reserved. Any unauthorised copying, selling, renting, hiring, lending, exchanging, broadcasting, transmission (via any communication system such as the Internet and/or other wired and/or wireless computer networks), public performance, and/or editing of any of this content, or any part thereof, is strictly prohibited.

This is a fan-work and not for profit. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. No copyright infringement intended.

All music composed, arranged and performed by Vangelis between 1982 and 2007.

The material on this recording © 1980 Spheric B.V. & Polydor Records, © 1982 The Ladd Company, Warner Bros. Communications Company & Polydor Records, © 1994 Warner Music UK Ltd. & PolyGram International Music B.V., © 2007 The Ladd Company, Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., Universal Music Operations Ltd. & EMI Music Publishing UK Ltd.

BLADE RUNNER is a trademark owned by The Blade Runner Partnership. Blade Runner © 1982, 1991, 2007 The Blade Runner Partnership.


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