Blade Runner – OWM 2000

Label : OWM 2000
Type : Private Release
Support : CDR with Sticker
Limited to : 100 copies
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Tracklist :

Disc One
Opening 3:32
The First Test 1:29
Los Angeles‚ November 2019 1:39
Deckard Meets Rachel 1:40
Rachel’s Song 4:34
Blush Response 4:58
Bicycle Riders 2:14
Memories Of Green 5:05
Blade Runner Blues 10:22
Deckard’s Dream 1:15
Investigate 0:43
Flying Kabuki 2:49
On The trail Of Nexus 6 5:30
The Market 1:47
Turkish 2:36
Blade Runner Blues (reprise) 8:56
Quietness At Home 4:07
I Dreamt Of Music 4:42

Disc Two
Deckard And Rachel 1:22
Damask Rose 2:34
Love Theme 4:57
One More Kiss‚ Dear 3:57
Wait For Me 5:29
The Prodigal Son Brings Death 4:28
Dangerous Days 1:05
Wounded Animals 11:02
Farewell 2:44
End Titles 7:25
Bonus Tracks
Main Titles 3:42
Blush Response 1:40
Tales of The Future 4:41
Tears In Rain 2:48
End Titles 4:37
If I Didn’t Care 3:06

Disc Three bonus CD
Opening 1:36
los Angeles‚ November 2019 1:49
deckard Meets Rachel 1:09
Blade Runner Blues 4:36
Memories Of Green 4:48
Love Theme 4:10
Farewell 3:05
End titles 7:04
Bonus Tracks
One More Kiss‚ Dear 4:02
End Titles (Reprise) 3:05

Original Music Composed and Performed by Vangelis
Except tracks 4 on disc one by Gail Laughton‚ vocals on track 13 disc one and 13 disc two by Demis Roussos
First 10 copies include one bonus CD
Limited edition release and is not licensed for public sale. Made in EEC

“This OWM release is self-titled the definitive Blade Runner score. Thedouble cd brings together bits and pieces off the (official) Warner‚Gongo‚ Memoires 5‚ and Special Edition (Deck Music) releases. Takingfrom such an impressive array of Blade Runner sources‚ it?s no doubtthat there is an incredible wealth of music on the release. For themost part‚ the disc avoids all dialog and sound effects from the Warnerand Deck Music releases respectively. Along these lines‚ it emulatesthe “music purity” principle of the Gongo release.
The alteration of track order/ unnecessary editing is my biggestcomplaint regarding this release. One example of this is with theWarner release?s gentle blending of “Blush Response” with “Wait forMe.” In contrast‚ this OWM release separates these songs‚ thus killingthe beautiful production value of their union. (I imagine the rationalebehind this move is to make the release more “unique”) On the DeckMusic disc‚ the incidental music that preludes the Love Theme is aperfect introduction to the song‚ and stays true to the movie scene. However‚ this OWM‚ cuts that song in pieces precisely when itshouldn?t. (The entire “Love Theme” appears later on‚ but placedinappropriately). Lastly‚ while the release claims to be definitive‚its omission of the alternate “Love Theme” is inexplicable. (Anothermissing track is the music heard when Deckard first enters theBradbury.)
While there is no doubt that the OWM producers are huge Vangelis fans‚I seriously doubt they are Blade Runner fans. A clue to this is thetrack they title “Deckard and Rachael.” The music in question involvesneither Deckard nor Rachael‚ and accompanies the scene with Batty‚ J.FSebastian and Priss. If anything‚ the track should have been titled”Morning at the Bradbury.”
In any case‚ the wealth of Blade Runner music on this OWM release makesup tremendously for any omissions and/or alterations. There is nodoubt that this is the most complete Blade Runner soundtrack out there.However‚ despite its claim to be the “Definitive Edition” this albumcannot eclipse the Deck Music release‚ since the latter has moreincidental music and the alternate Love Theme. (For more informationon the Deck Music release‚ see my review there).” (Sebastian)


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