Blade Runner – Deck Definitive Edition

Label : DECK ART – 765‚ Japan
Type : Bootleg
Support : Manufactured CD
Limited to : 500 copies
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Tracklist :

27 Tracks.
No tracklist‚ only these informations:
BLADE RUNNER suite composed and performed by VANGELIS
Except Tracks :
1‚ 26 by John Williams
10 by Gail Laughton
27 by Robert Randles

Original music composed and performed by VANGELIS
Dedicated to the memory of Philip K. Dick (1928-1982)

” Imagine you’re on the set of the movie as it was being filmed. Imagine the atmosphere of constant rain… Imagine the spinners flying past and the blimps floating overhead broadcasting off-world announcements… the garbage trucksgoing about their daily business… the bicycle riders sweeping past you.
Imagine the soundtrack and incidental music cues just as they happened in the film… And then imagine there are no actors. No dialog. Nothing… Just you and the sound of Blade Runner. That’s what this release is. ”

The mastering and sound quality of this release is absolutely superb‚ even better than the regular USA issue!! Crystal clear sound! Contains all the musicof film‚ chronologically ordered‚ plus some very special bonus tracks like “I Dream’t Music” piece in the Love Theme – the legendary “Alternate Love Theme” and the unreleased trailer by Robert Randles. The most interesting new discovery for Blade Runner fans is an alternate music track by John Williams on themovie scene “Tears in Rain”‚ never available on any previous editions and composed at the time when Vangelis’ involvement in this score was not sure!
The CD is “Dedicated to the memory of Philip K Dick”. CD also contains other music that is not to be found on the USA‚ Off World‚ nor the Gongo Romanianissue. ”



“To be honest‚ this release is virtually identical to its predecessor‚Deck Music (a.k.a Memoires 7). In this regard‚ it’s certainly awonderful melange of music‚ sounds‚ textures and atmosphere from thefilm Blade Runner. This release is a supposed re-mastered version ofthe Deck Music release. I have listened closely with headphones andthere is a slight improvement in terms of sound over the Deck Musicrelease‚ although the difference is minimal‚ at best. This new releasealso has a few extras not present on its predecessor: The full versionof the “alternate Love Theme” from the Blade Runner work print (asheard on Themes II). However‚ more interestingly‚ it has thealternate John Williams temp music for Batty’s Tears in Rain monologue.The last track is and audio version of the film’s trailer.

The downside? Well‚ any Vangelis fan‚ especially Blade Runner fanswill adore this release. It is very original. However‚ it’s really ashame that major themes from the film such as “Memories of Green” or “Blade Runner Blues” are heard as their shortened‚ on-screen versions. What is really baffling about the release‚ however‚ is the producersstrange choice of including the (irritating) version of the Japanese”Ogi No Mato” almost in its entirety (hardly present in the film) andthen only ONE verse of the “Love Theme!” Oddly enough‚ theWarner-release themes are all absent except for one minute of”Rachael’s Song.” It’s a pity‚ because “Wait for Me” and “BlushResponse” could have also worked well here. Lastly‚ I’ve read thecomments about the music and sound cues being chronological‚ in termsof the movie. This is not entirely true. For example‚ Deckard-Rachaelincidental music is mixed with Deckard-entering-Bradbury music. Moreover‚ the eerie music that lasts from when Rachael and Deckard areat home having a drink(after retiring Leon) leading to the “Love Theme”is all chopped up over several tracks. A pity. Of course‚ it must beadmitted that this disk also has A LOT of music not present on anyother release (Except Deck Music).Again‚ the OWM 2000 double cd triesto bring together music from virtually every Blade Runner bootleg inexistence. It does an admirable job‚ but could have better editing andinclude more sound effects from the movie. In any case‚ if you havethe Deck Music‚ release you may find this Deck Art repetitive. Nonetheless‚ this is still one hell of a cd.” (Sebastian)



“If you’re here I’m sure you think you can remember “Blade Runner”perfectly from start to end… Can you? OK‚ here is your chance. Put thisCD on with your phones‚ close your eyes and there you are ! Los Angeles‚November 2019: Take a walk along the animoid row‚ take a drink in TaffyLewis bar‚ and my favourite: recite the final Roy’s monologue while youhear “Tears in Rain” (I’m sure anyone who owns this release has done!)Yes‚ it’s all here‚ all the ambient of the film with a sound quality thatwill make you beg for more. The sound effects of the film are asimportant as the music. Downsides? A few: .When I’m trying to follow thesequence of events in the film while listening to the suite‚ it’s a bitconfusing to hear Roy killing Tyrel before the Love Theme.. And it’s evenmore confusing to hear Rachel playing piano with the love theme and thenagain with the alternate version (And once again as a bonus track‚ whenthe suite is over). And this is it‚ really. The rest are virtues andonly virtues. Any Blade Runner fanatic will love it. Any Vangelis fanwill love it. And anynoe who can’t wait until 2019 to have alight-umbrella‚ like me‚ will love it. A MUST.” (Jaime)



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